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Do The Bartman and The Simpsons Sing The Blues

If you were born in the mid 80s or earlier you probably remember Do The Bartman.  In 1991 the song hit #1 on the Australian charts, a result mirroed in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Norway.  It was a … Continue reading

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Leaving a mix CD on public transport

There’s a nice little secret santa style mix tape/cd/usb drive swap happening in the Mess and Noise forums at the moment.  I’ve finished my mix and artwork and will be “mastering” the volume levels of the songs (I’m a pedantic … Continue reading

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Portal 2 with a cold bottle of Steam

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It’s Friday: Things to do on the weekend

Well, it’s Friday and we all know what that means.  Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards.  Everybody’s looking forward to the weekend.  Here are some recommendations on how to spend it. Melbourne American lo-fi/shitgaze/siltbreezecore/fuzzbuster band Eat Skull are playing … Continue reading

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You only live once

This afternoon Kataku brought to my attention an interesting new iPhone game called One Single Life.  The premise here is literally the game’s title.  You have one life and one life only.  That’s it.  If you die, you don’t get … Continue reading

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Review: Wide Open Road

Wide Open Road is a very new Brunswick cafe, having opened its doors about a month ago.  It’s located on the bottom floor of an old warehouse on Barkly Street, opposite Barkly Square and just off Sydney Road.  Living nearby, … Continue reading

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A look at Boris promotional photography

Boris are a Japanese band who have roughly 40 releases that cover a plethora of genres; drone/stoner/rock/doom/metal/psyche/experimental/noise/hardcore and most recently, pop and electronic music.  I was browsing their photo album on and noticed that they have consistently fantastic promo … Continue reading

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Review: Not Your Ordinary Doctor – Jim Leavesley

Not Your Ordinary Doctor Author: Jim Leavesley Published by: Allen & Unwin 6 / 10 At first glance, a book dedicated to the subject of doctors who have gained fame in fields outside of medicine appears an intriguing, if somewhat … Continue reading

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Review: My Disco – Little Joy

Little Joy My Disco Shock 8 / 10 Despite being My Disco’s third album, Little Joy sounds like the second part of a trilogy. Episode one, 2008’s Paradise, was the band’s first foray into minimalism. Highly strung and obsessive-compulsive, Paradise … Continue reading

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