A look at Boris promotional photography

Boris are a Japanese band who have roughly 40 releases that cover a plethora of genres; drone/stoner/rock/doom/metal/psyche/experimental/noise/hardcore and most recently, pop and electronic music.  I was browsing their photo album on last.fm and noticed that they have consistently fantastic promo shots.  If anyone knows who took these photos I would love to know/credit them.  Click for larger versions.

Promoting the forthcoming album "Heavy Rocks" (the squeal) (2011)

from the forthcoming album "Attention Please" (2011)

"Amplifier Worship" (1998)

double neck bad asses from Nihon

"Feedbacker" (2003)

if an Orange stack drones in a forest and there's no one there to hear it, it still makes a fucking loud noise

"The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked" (2004)

"Pink" (2005)

more Orange stack love

"Smile" (2008)

If you’re interested in listening to Boris the compilation “Variations” is a good place to start.  I’ve not seen it available for sale outside Japan so I’ll assume it’s OK to link a copy, courtesy of the excellent Music for the Masses.

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