It’s Friday: Things to do on the weekend

Well, it’s Friday and we all know what that means.  Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards.  Everybody’s looking forward to the weekend.  Here are some recommendations on how to spend it.


American lo-fi/shitgaze/siltbreezecore/fuzzbuster band Eat Skull are playing Saturday night at The Workers Club with Slug Guts and The Renderers.  I know a few people who are really excited about this one.  There’s a good chance I’ll end up here.  I’m in the middle of a non-pay week and funds are running low, but traditionally that hasn’t stopped me.  In fact, I’m still paying interest on music I heard and alcohol I consumed over a year ago.


Is it fair to called Two Watts a YIS side project?  Tom Waits, I mean Two Watts is a YIS side project starring YIS / Brat Farrar drummer Andre Fazio on guitar/vox and Al (artificial intelligence) from The Thod on drums.  I think this might be their first ever gig and it’s on Saturday night at the Great Briton Hotel in Richmond.  They’re on first, so you can see them then still catch Eat Skull.  I’ve not seen an Andre Fazio related band that hasn’t kicked copious amounts of arses (plural!) so there’s no reason why this shouldn’t be fantastic.


Ancient Egyptian heart throb Tutankhamun will be appearing at the museum all weekend.  Last Pharaoh of Egypt’s most powerful family of the 18th Dynasty, Tutankhamun ruled during a revolutionary period of Egyptian history. The boy king died under mysterious circumstances around the age of 19, having ruled for about 10 years (1333–1323 BC).  He will be posing for photographs and signing autographs at Museum Victoria 10am-5pm daily.


Rest Of The World

Don’t live in Melbourne but still looking for things to do over the weekend?  You could always:

rent a video

play with a dog

or learn capoeira

Enjoy your weekend!

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