Leaving a mix CD on public transport

There’s a nice little secret santa style mix tape/cd/usb drive swap happening in the Mess and Noise forums at the moment.  I’ve finished my mix and artwork and will be “mastering” the volume levels of the songs (I’m a pedantic nerd like that) and sending it out in the next few days.

Clint Eastwood's head is moveable

A week or so ago I made a prototype of this mix.  I wasn’t entirely happy with the final mix and used iTune’s “Sound Check” function to try and level out the volume of the songs.  Sound Check sucks.  I already knew it sucked, I thought maybe they’d fixed it in a software update since I last used it.  They haven’t.  So I’m going to do it manually.

Anyway, the prototype CD is still pretty cool.  It’s got more/a few different songs to the one I am sending to my mixee.  I was about to throw it in the bin before deciding it’d be way more fun to leave it somewhere on public transport this evening with my twitter contact written on it and see if anyone finds it and responds.

Not expecting a response, but it would be interesting to know if someone actually finds and listens to it.

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5 Responses to Leaving a mix CD on public transport

  1. cassie says:

    next time you burn me a cd I expect it to have a stock figure holding a flower on it. at the very least, a tinnie.

    • Sheamus says:

      Got one for you tonight Cassie. I will make sure to draw on it. Draw on it a picture of a fat, hairy arse that is.

      • cassie says:

        there’s a time and a place for fat hairy asses.

        • Luis says:

          your mess has got nothin’ on my mess! it’s ralley not that bad!i LOVE stark white- i love white walls with white trim and pops of color. i love it mixed with distressed frills and clean modern lines. i think you can do anything with it and i look forward to seeing it!

  2. Memed says:

    Some days you make me excited for all the DIY cinmog my way and others I’m tired at the thought WHEN do you guys sleep?!!The desk is cute! I noticed it in the previous post. Now I’m toying with white for our guest room.

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